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Distribute your iOS apps via the mobivention App marketplace and benefit from the new possibilities
for the company-internal distribution of iOS apps.

General conditions

The EU’s Digital Market Act (DMA) regulates criteria for gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are large digital platforms that offer so-called core platform services, such as online search engines, app stores and messenger services. Gatekeepers must adhere to the requirements and prohibitions listed in the DMA. The Apple iOS App Store has been defined as a gatekeeper and Apple has had to comply with the DMA regulations since March 7, 2024 and thus allow alternative app marketplaces for iOS apps, among other things.

mobivention offers such an alternative with the mobivention App marketplace.

The App marketplace offers corporate customers the opportunity to distribute their iOS apps via an alternative app marketplace. The focus here is on apps that are used internally by employees and apps that cannot or should not be published publicly in the App Store due to other conditions. At the start, the offer is limited to free apps. It is irrelevant whether they have developed the apps themselves or had them developed by a service provider.

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First of all, you need an Apple developer account with Apple. Then upload the apps you want to distribute via App Store Connect and release them for distribution via the mobivention App Marketplace. We retrieve the information provided, offer you the option of providing further metadata about your app in our administration system and you release the app for testing.

The app is subjected to the test criteria specified by Apple and then released for distribution.

Users install the App marketplace via a link and are then able to install their apps on their iPhone.

The App marketplace is constantly being expanded and new requirements are seamlessly integrated into the App marketplace.

Our offer - customized to your needs

1. Companies with their own apps for distribution to employees

For companies that want to distribute their own apps securely and efficiently to employees, we offer a robust and user-friendly platform. Our service enables you to deliver your internal apps seamlessly and directly to your employees’ end devices. This not only promotes productivity and efficiency within your company, but also ensures secure and controlled distribution of your company software.

2. Development of an own app marketplace on behalf of the customer based on our marketplace app

We know how important a direct and uncomplicated connection to your end customers is. For this reason, we offer the development of a customized app marketplace that builds on the powerful basis of our app marketplace solution. This service is ideal for companies that want to offer their users a customized app marketplace for app distribution.

3. Licensing of our Marketplace technology for customer projects

For companies interested in even deeper customization, we offer the option of licensing our advanced Marketplace technology. This includes both our backend and the app, which you can use as part of your customer projects. Our technology provides a solid foundation for the development of a completely customized marketplace that meets your specific requirements and those of your customers. Benefit from our robust, scalable and flexible technology to make your digital projects a success.

Get started today!

No matter what challenges you want to overcome in the digital world – mobivention is at your side as a partner. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business succeed with our customized solutions.

Functions of the mobivention App marketplace

App marketplace management

✔ Management of the company data

✔ Management of the company apps:

– Take over apps released in App Store Connect

– Add metadata (description text and screenshots)

iOS marketplace app

✔ Display of approved apps

✔ Downloading and installing apps

✔ Updates / updates of apps

Usage statistics

At the end of the month, you will receive an overview of your app installations at the beginning of the following month.


App management system

App marketplace App

Use of the mobivention App marketplace

Target group

The mobivention App marketplace is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies.

A standard solution is available that is ready for immediate use. It is also possible to make individual adjustments by arrangement.

Larger companies have the option of creating the mobivention solution as a customized marketplace app. This allows the app distribution to be organized independently.


The mobivention App marketplace app is compatible with all iPhones with iOS 17.4 or later.

It is available on iPhones with an Apple ID that is assigned to one of the 27 EU countries.

Advantages of the App marketplace


Silver package

  • icon_checkmark up to 100 marketplace app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Up to 1,000 app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Set-up fee: 950 € one-off
  • icon_checkmark Flat rate / app: 49 € / month
  • icon_checkmark Flat rate for marketplace app: 50 € / month

Gold package

  • icon_checkmark up to 1,000 marketplace app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Up to 10,000 app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Set-up fee: € 2,450 one-off
  • icon_checkmark Flat rate / app: 149 € / month
  • icon_checkmark Flat rate for marketplace app: 250 € / month

Platinum package

  • icon_checkmark up to 5,000 marketplace app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Up to 100,000 app downloads / month
  • icon_checkmark Set-up fee: € 4,950 one-off
  • icon_checkmark Price / App: 249 € / month
  • icon_checkmark Flat rate for marketplace app: € 1,250 / month

Enterprise package

  • icon_checkmark Unlimited app downloads
  • icon_checkmark Set-up fee: € 9,950 one-off
  • icon_checkmark Usage license: 1.750 € / month / billing / month
* Prices excl. the applicable statutory VAT. Payment by invoice / bank transfer.

Intellectual property (IP)

A mechanism is provided to check apps for intellectual property infringements before we make them available via the mobivention App marketplace.

We undertake to handle IP disputes in connection with the mobivention App marketplace app or iOS apps that are distributed via the mobivention App marketplace app. This path is open to all affected parties, e.g. developers, users, Apple and other parties.

mobivention will act promptly to remove content from the mobivention App marketplace app or block access to it if we determine that it infringes intellectual property or allows others to do so. In addition, we will exclude developers who frequently offer infringing content from the distribution of iOS apps via the mobivention App marketplace app after prior warning.

Fraudulent, malicious and illegal applications

mobivention makes every effort to ensure that fraudulent, malicious or illegal applications on the mobivention App marketplace are constantly monitored and deactivated or deleted.

We undertake to process requests to delete apps that contain illegal content, infringe intellectual property rights or violate the terms of use of the mobivention App marketplace


The apps are uploaded via AppStore Connect and made available there for the mobivention App marketplace.

mobivention downloads the apps and the available metadata from AppStore Connect and stores them on the mobivention App marketplace backend. The metadata can be added via an administration front end.

The servers are hosted by Hetzner Online in Germany.

The mobivention App marketplace app is not publicly available for download.

The mobivention App marketplace is aimed at companies. They can distribute their apps easily and securely to a limited user group via the marketplace.

  • An Apple ID from the EU
  • An iPhone with iOS 17.4 or newer

No, Apple currently only offers this option for iPhones.

The Apple Developer ID must be linked to the Marketplace for linking.

Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to transfer the metadata from AppStoreConnect, but you can maintain it via an admin interface for the Marketplace app.

Yes, this is possible and is currently in preparation so that we can also offer this function in the near future.

The Core Technology Fee is a platform usage fee charged by Apple. Further information can be found

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